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My Letter to Demi  
12:37am 01/01/2011

I believe that you have become a wonderful role model for young people; you showed them that if you dream really hard a goal, work really hard to achieve it and never stop believing in yourself and your talents and skills then there is nothing you can't do, no goal to outstanding to acquire. Cause you never stopped believing in yourself even when you got rejection from directors and producers and look at you now; three movies, one of the most popular children's TV shows, two highly acclaimed, beautifully heart-warming and inspiriting CDs and I am 100% sure more success in whatever you set your mind to doing whether acting, dancing, singing or song writing.

You are also a role model for those individuals who have been bullied in their schools and other places such as online. You have taught them to never stop knowing their true self and that they need to love themselves for who they are before they are able to deflect bullies' actions and words and ignore them. I wish I had those strong, loving and encouraging words you have told these kids when I was in elementary school and was bullied for being different then my peers. I can't wait to see what else you do to inspire young people with your words and actions with Pacer.

You are beautiful inside with a down to earth, generous, kind, caring, sensitive personality, not being afraid to being quirky in public and on screen which makes you able to laugh at yourself when you do things like falling down on stage in front of your fans and being genuinely concerned about writing songs for your fans to let them know that like them you go through heartache and troubled times but you got through them like they will. Your inside beauty shines on the outside making you one of the most beautiful young women in my world.

As for the troubles and suffering you are going through right now, I will continue to pray for you that you get the help from this treatment center that you need to be healthy mentally, emotionally and physically once again and are able to get back to doing what you love doing; making your heart-warming, inspirational, touching songs and in general have the wonderfully fulfilling life filled with lots of love, happy and wonderful memories with close friends, loving, supportive family and your loyal, supportive, and true fans, wonderful, life satisfying successes, both in your personal and business life and the life you deserve to have and wish for yourself.

Don't worry about what people are saying about you; mean, immature, hateful and spiteful comments. They, as we do, don't really understand what you are feeling in your own heart and mind, so we are in no position to judge your thoughts and actions right now. I am proud that you recognize that you are hurting emotionally right now and need some help to get better and are doing something to get yourself healthy again. Just focus on your own healing and getting yourself healthy again and know that you have your loving and supportive family, friends and fans behind you to support, love and be there for you during this time.

Get better soon. I love and support you.

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(no subject)  
07:29pm 17/12/2010
it has bee 2 years since they started to date, demi woke up with a smile on her face, she pated the space next to her and noticed it was empty which made her open her eyes and search around the room for the missing piece. when she didnt find it she decided to get up and follow the smell of fresh coffee and pancakes, when she got to where the smell came from she found a handsome guy shirtless moving over the stove, she couldnt help but smile at the image she was seen the man of her dream, the love of her life was there standing in front of her.

she decided to surprise him so without making a sound she approached him put her hand around his waist and kissed his neck making him smile, he turned around looking in to her big brown eyes and said "hello there gorgeous" kissing lightly her lips to what she said "hi babe" they both smiled to eachother til he when back to what he was doing in the stove. she couldnt avoid the question running through her mind so she just asked him "sterling what is all this" pointing to the table full of food, fruits, orange jouce, coffe and pancakes. he turned with a huge smile on his face and told her "well you see i wanted to make this morning really special for us but specially for you" making her face go to a awe face which made him chuckle.

they eat catching eachother eyes, smilling and laughing, before they were done sterling stood and walked to where demi was, while he was walking all she could think was "what is he doing now", when he reached demi's side she had a curios smile on her face before she could ask him something, he spoke "demi you're the most amazing person i have ever know, you never stop of amaze me with ever little thing you do you make my hear go on a loop, every time i see your smile i feel like dying, i can´t stop looking at you, your face takes me to heaven.

when we met i fall immediately in love with you, for 3 years i keep them to my self, i saw you going out with the wrong guys but i never said a thing because i saw you happy with them, and when they broke you heart i helped you to pick it up. i saw you pass and go through your worse moments but i never left your side, when you were at the TC all i wanted was to hold you and tell you everything was going to be ok, to kiss you and tell you how much i love you, but i knew that what you need it wasnt someone to put more weight on your shoulders but someone that listen to you, support you someone you could lean on, so i dediced to be that someone letting you know that i wouldnt go anywhere.

the moment you left the center was one of the most happy moments of my life, i got to see how beautiful and strong you are, we started to act different with eachother you started to let me get in your heart, to know you secrets and from one moment to another we started to date making one of my dream come true, 3 year later here we are together and my love for you has change because now i love you more that i ever did before, Demitria Devonne Lovato would you marry me" with that he pull out a simple but beautiful diamon ring that had one diamon and little diamons around, he was on his knees holding demi's hand looking at her eyes that were full of tears while other rolled down her cheeks, her face was in a complete awe she couldnt believe that this was happening to her.

she never thought that after what happened with joe she would found love again but she was wrong because the man in front of her loves her more than anything and she coudlnt feel any different for him, she loves him more that she could tell him thats when she saw the worry face he had because of the lack of response from her, soo she did the best she thought in that moment she kissed him with such passion that they fell on the floor, when they finally pulled away she screamed "YES" kissing him again like there was no tommorrow.
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What a Welcome  
04:24pm 01/01/2010
Title: What a Welcome
Author: Jewel_2
Pairing: Smitchie
Characters: Shane, Mitchie, Nate and Jason
Summary: This wasn't exactly how Shane imagined seeing Mitchie again.
Author's Note: I got this idea from watching the Sneak Peak of Camp Rock 2 over and over again. ;). Shane's POV so not a lot of conversation. I don't own anybody. Enjoy and review. Everytime I see something from Camp Rock 2, I curse that the premiere is 6 months away.

Ok so Jason and Nate are so so dead with a capital "D". I still can't believe that our stupid car broke down, I mean how much time does it take to get your mechanic to look it over once a customer tells you of the trouble they experienced so that it doesn't break down unexpectedly. So when our car broke down, we had to stand on the side of the road with our bags of luggage looking like total losers trying to hitchhike a ride to Camp Rock and having to get a ride on the back of a farmer's truck with chicken keeping us company.

At least Mr James was nice and let us store our baggage in his back seat and gave us cushions for us to sit on so going over the bumps didn't hurt our butts so much. The rhythm must have been soothing or I was more tired then I thought I was cause I fell asleep and that is when my loving bandmates decided to tie my shoelaces together. Thanks guys, really appreciate it, note the sarcasm.

I woke up by the cheers of the other campers and Jason yelling in my ear "Shane wakey wakey, we're here" so I stood up really fast and waved to the other campers, what I wanted to show them that since last summer I had kept up with my "good guy" image and wasn't putting on an act for the public. I really had changed from a jerk to a nice guy and all because of a certain young lady.

Ah Mitchie, the young women who had changed me for the better because her honesty at what a jerk I had been to my fans, my bandmates, to the campers and to my family and that if I didn't like what the label was telling us to do then stop grousing about it and change Connect 3's sound, the label works for us not the other way around. Plus she seemed to just get me and my love of music and she was so easy to talk to. Plus it helped that she was the most gorgeous creature to me, even more beautiful then any model or celebrity that you could show me, had a voice of an angel and a personality to match.

Man was Jason and Nate right. I never stop thinking or talking about Mitchie, she is like in my bloodstream and in my head and I am loving every moment of it. She and I have talked all year through e-mail, texts and the phone but I have been looking so forward to the day where I can see her beautiful face, breathe in the scent of lilacs and hold her custom fit for my arms body. It isn't the same looking at the photos of her.

Anyway, back to reality, Mitchie was the one my eyes were focused on in the crowd and naturally I wanted to get off this truck as fast as I could so I could go over there and talk to the girl I have wanted to see for weeks or is it months?. But then my friend's trick tripped me up literally and I fell head over heels over the side of the truck taking a chicken cart with me so when I stood up I had a squawking chicken on my head, how embarrassing everyone was laughing at me and staring. Man are Jason and Nate dead when I get my hands on them.

I was just about to bend down and untie my shoes, get my luggage and slink back to my cabin to wallow in my embarrassment when an angel came forth, trying to hold in her laughter but she also had sympathy in her chocolate eyes. I could feel my eyes bug out and my mouth hang open, man has my girl changed over the year.

My angel had cut her bangs that hung over beautiful, emotion filled eyes and had dyed her hair black, aw man I loved her auburn hair that seemed to let the sunlight bounce over it to let it glow bright red. Instead of her jeans, long sleeved shirt and moccasin boots, she was wearing worn out jeans, long sleeved lilac shirt and a yellow sweater over it. Some how she didn't seem to be the same shy and slightly insecure girl from last summer, I don't know how to explain it but from the way she presented herself by coming over to me when I am the laughingstock of everyone as a confident young women, ok so what the heck happened over the last year to change my girl? Not that I am complaining, I always wished she could see her full potential like her parents and friends could see.

Anyway as I gazed at my girl's absolutely gorgeousness, she had taken the still freaked out chicken off my head and cradled it close trying to calm it down, I actually wished I was that chicken at that point, had knelt down and untied my shoes then stood up to give me one of her heart stopping smiles which really calmed my nerves.

"Hi Shane. Are you ok? Do I want to know why you guys are on a truck filled with chickens?" my angel asked with a smile on her face as well as her voice. I just dumbly nodded as my voice seemed to have left me speechless right now. My angel smiled wider and we just stared at each other for a few seconds before she looked away.

"Well I better get Miss Chicken back to her crate before she starts to freak out some more. Plus I have to help my mom set up lunch so we will catch up later. I want to hear what Mr Popstar has been up to this year" Mitchie said as she started to walk away.

I just dumbly waved back at her and watched with glazed eyes as she sauntered back to the truck and handed the chicken over to Farmer James and walked away. I didn't even notice that Jason and Nate had come up beside me and had commented "Wow Dude, great way to welcome the girl of her dreams. You're the man". I came out of my stupor and chased them around the truck screaming "You guys are so dead".
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Bad Memories  
11:07pm 02/12/2009
Title: The Worst Part of the Summer
Pairing: Smitchie
Summary: Shane comforts Mitchie as she unearths her past.
Rating: G
Author's Note: Don't own anybody. I just finished watching Camp Rock.

Shane went searching for his girl after he had finished talking to the press about Final Jam and for the last 5 minutes had been trying to spill too many details about his romantic duet that seemed to make the rest of the world melt away leaving only him and his girl in their own world where they could feel free to stare at each other and hold hands. He could still feel her tiny, soft, silky hand in his and her chocolate eyes seemed to look deep into his soul and see the real him.

Anyway, after he had answered all the press's answers and signed all the autographs of the fan girls who were desperate enough for his autograph that they hung around the press in order to talk to him, he had gone around the camp looking for Mitchie. He heard a faint sobbing in the direction of the lake, when he had followed the sound his heart had broken. He found his sweetie with her head in her hands and her knees tucked up into her body trying to swallow her sobs. What had happened in the short time after they had flirted a bit and had scheduled their midnight canoe trip backstage?

Shane tiptoed to her side, not wanting to disturb Mitchie unless he thought of his game plan to get her to spill about why she was so sad. He reached her side and slowly sat down and placed a hand on the small of her back. When he had down so, Mitchie jumped a bit and looked up at him with those big, puppy dog eyes filled with so much sadness.

"What's up Mitch? Why are you so sad? I thought Tess had told Uncle Brown that you and Caitlyn hadn't stolen her bracelet and had apologized for being such a diva this summer. If I haven't shown it, I have forgiven you for your lie about your mom, I mean you didn't actually lie to me personally. " Shane had said in a gentle, soft voice while slowly moving closer to her so he could put his arm around her shoulders.

" No I am not crying about Tess, actually she and I are slowly becoming friends. I am glad that you have forgiven me and I kind of knew that you had when you had joined me in my, I mean our, song. I want to tell you why I lied" Mitchie said in a trembling, shaky voice while not even looking at him.

" Since I have been in kindergarten, I have been labeled as an "outsider" because I am not like other girls, I don't wear any makeup and am not obsessed with the latest fashions. I wear the clothes that I feel comfortable in. My music is my life, it is my therapy when things get tough and the outlet to my feelings. As you have probably guessed I am shy, unless people are being mean to my friends and family then watch out for the Latin temper." Mitchie had been looking out into the water as she talked.

Shane couldn't believe that anyone would consider his Mitchie an outsider. he didn't care if she wasn't obsessed with fashion or her looks, that was one of the reasons he loved her, she was a down to earth, low maintenance young women. Besides he thought she was beautiful in whatever she wore and her love of music was one of the ways they were so compatible with each other

"Because I have been labeled an "outsider" the popular kids have been teasing me mercilessly about everything I say and do since then. I have tried everything to make it stop from ignoring them, talking to them saying that I don't like it when they tease me. I have even talked to the administers from my teachers,principals and even the school board but since the bullying isn't "physical", even though they had locked me in closets in the school, they couldn't do anything. I just wanted to be "popular" for once in my life, to see how it feels to be liked. Now I realize it was a super dumb idea, I mean I had people like Caitlyn, Lola, Barron, Saunder and of course you who liked me for the real me "

Mitchie couldn't believe that she had just told the guy she was starting to love her deepest secret about being unpopular. I mean he was a famous popstar, why would he want to date a shy, unpopular, music obsessed girl like her?

Shane couldn't believe that the teachers and administers that were suppose to support all of their students, both educationally and emotionally during their school years, and he felt that they had failed in the emotional aspect for failing to nip the bullying of his girl at the start. He wished that he could go to Mitchie's school and talk to this kids about how blind they were to the wonderful, beautiful inside and out, caring, sweet, passionate, spunky young women they had the privilege to go to school with and to stop teasing her. But he couldn't so he had to start to help Mitchie rebuild her self esteem so that she can fight her own battles.

"I guess the reason I am crying is that it has hit me that my great summer filled with lots of friendship, laughter, music and self discovery is coming to an end and that I have to go back to a place where I only have one friend and is filled with hatred, teasing, hurt feelings and mean comments and actions. I wish that my friends here could come to school with me as a crutch for me in-case I find myself falling into the trap of believing every mean comment that is said about me and letting others destroy my self esteem and so I will have more people to talk to. but I knew that I have been letting those people run my life and I need to learn how to stand up for myself more and not let anyone tell me of what I am worth" Mitchie ended while looking fully at Shane who still had his arm around her and was stroking her arm for comfort as she had started to tear up a couple of times as she talked as the hurtful memories had resurfaced.

" I promise that as soon as our canoe ride is over, we will have a session with all our friends to help you rebuild your self worth so when you go back, you will be the Mitchie that we all here love and will totally knock those snobs' socks off with your "not caring what you say" attitude. Just remember we may not be there in person to support you, but we are only a phone call away to kick their butts and give them plenty of attitude for bugging our girl"

Mitchie just laughed as she gave Shane the biggest hug in her head thanking the heavens that she had finally found some more people who love her for her and wanted to help her have the school year she only dreamed about. Now she could enjoy her romantic canoe ride with the man of her dreams without worrying about the upcoming school year. She was also looking forward to the butt kicking, smart alec advice her friends will offer.
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Love Hurts Sometimes  
03:48pm 14/10/2009

Title: Love Hurts Sometimes

Author: Jewel_2

Pairing: Smitchie

Rating: PG

Author's Note: I don't own anybody. This is dedicated to my beta and inspiration for this story JacobEdwardRules. I will be using the song "No Matter What" by Boyzone. Please review.

"How on earth did things go from being wonderful to horrible.?" Shane thought as he laid on his bed wondering how to get back the women of his dreams after a horrible misunderstanding with a snob. He had been really upset all night, not eating dinner even after his mom had called him for dinner and even brought it to the door and not talking to anyone, not even his brothers and bandmates, even though they had been banging on the door for a few minutes asking him what was wrong that caused him to storm into the house without even a "hi" and stomp up to his room.

Mitchie and Shane had been dating since their romantic, moonlight canoe where they found out every little detail about each other: their interests, dislikes, their families, their passions (besides writing and playing their music) and their aspirations (Mitchie wanted to be a famous singer if she could ever get over her stage fright and shyness) for the future.

"Well judging from your heartwarming, straight from the heart duet you are on your way but then again if you need to do more of them with I don't know me, you know just to boost your confidence, then I would be glad to assist you. I could never say no to a beautiful girl in need." Shane said in the flirtiest voice he could muster up as he was totally checking her out, she was just so gorgeous sitting there in a purple hoodie over a maroon long sleeved shirt and blue jeans and her moccasins, then again she was always beautiful in his eyes even face covered in flour.

He had enjoyed getting to know each detail of her and locked it in his memory forever so if he needed any information to woo over the girl of his dreams and the girl he had not only been waiting for this summer but for his life. She had changed him from a jerk to a hopefully nice guy to win her over in the end. He wanted to ask her to be his girlfriend, if he doesn't stutter like an idiot beforehand, and then give her a kiss like he had wanted to do for a long time.

"Are you ok Shane, you are sweating like crazy and you seem really nervous about something. I promise that I won't tell anyone what you told me you can trust me. I am really good at secrets." Mitchie said in a worried voice as she placed her hand over his and for some reason couldn't feel Shane's heartbeat speed up.

"Ok so I am going to go into a spiel and I would appreciate it if you just let me talk cause this is hard for me to say. Ok so Mitchalyna Torres you are so different then the girls in my life, I mean you are not only beautiful, you are sweet, caring, kind, cutely spunky and quirky, funny and overall a wonderful person. I can't believe that you don't have people chasing after you to be your friend. Ok so the short end of this conversation is I love you, not as a friend but as a guy who is crazy about you. Would you please put a rockstar out of his misery and say that you will be my girlfriend?"

Mitchie looked at him with a wide deer look on her face. Was the sweetest guy on earth just tell her that he was in love with her and wanted to date her? Was she dreaming? She realized that she hadn't answered him yet and said: Shane I can't believe that you just told me that you loved me. I mean when we first met I did think you were a jerk but getting to know you over the summer, I realized that you are really a sweet, caring, funny, easy to talk to guy who just gets me and who I can talk openly to. I love you too and I would love to be your girlfriend"

Shane slowly leaned over and gave her a sweet gentle kiss which she returned, it was like electricity ran right through them and it was heaven on earth. When they parted, Shane held her hand and Mitchie said that she would love to be his girlfriend. After that day, they were inseperateable, even when Shane had gone to on tour for two months they texted, phoned and video chatted all the time which drove their parents and friends' nuts but then again they were over the moon for the couple so they couldn't really complain too much.

When Shane returned from the tour, he took Mitchie out for a romantic picnic in the park for burgers, cupcakes with blue icing, tortilla chips with dip, Shane was trying to be romantic by recreating their Camp Rock memories and from the dreamy and watery look on Mitchie's face he had succeeded. They talked about everything under the sun and when they had finally ran out of things to say they just cuddled under the stars. They didn't notice the girl watching them from behind the tree with a jealous look on her face.

"So that is why loser has been so happy. What on earth did she do to make Shane Gray go out on a date with her and act so lovey dovey. I mean knowing her she had to pay for his affection, there is no way that Shane Gray could ever fall in love with the plain jane, shy, stupid, untalented, ugly little girl. I must do something to stop Shane Gray from continuing with the mockery of "dating" Mitchie. I know I should show Shane Gray what a perfect match I am for him"

Well she did, when Shane went to school to pick up Mitchie for a date at school, Bridgette cornered him in the principal office. "Shane Gray what a pleasant surprise to see you. I know that you are here to pick up what's her name but you know that I am your best match, I mean we are both beautiful, smart, charismatic, popular and talented so here is what I am going to do. whatever Mitchie is paying you to pretend to be her boyfriend I will double it and that way you don't feel obligated to be seen with a nobody like her."

She then threw herself onto him, kissing him with as much passion as she could but Shane just remained stuff. It got worse after he heard a gasp and his name being called in a tone close to tears. he truned around and saw the worst scene ever: Mitchie with her mouth open, tears in her eyes, she cried out a little then ran out of the room with Shane close on her heels. Mitchie ran on the bus ignoring Shane's cries for her to let him explain.

Shane called Mitchie as soon as his eyes cleared up from the tears that were running down his face. he can't believe that because of some snobby girl's acts, he might have lost the girl of his dreams and all he could do is beg for her to hear him out and hope that she believes him, he would not do anything to compromise his growing relationship with Mitchie, he loved her with his whole heart and soul. Mitchie didn't answer but Mrs Torres told him that she believed him when he said that it was an honest mistake and would try to convince her daughter that. Well at least he had one Torres on his side.

The next few weeks was hell for Shane, he tried at least twice a day to phone Mitchie but she never answered the phone. He was moody and mope, he went around the studio and house with a depressed look on his face and wouldn't talk to anyone. Nate and Jason kept telling him that the only way to get Mitchie back, he should aplogize and tell her of his heart's feelings on tv so that everyone knows that Mitchie is the girl he loves and nobody and nothing would ever get between them again then sing a song that describes his true feelings for Mitchie.

Shane did just that, he sometimes spend all night writing the song that will tell Mitchie of his love for her and that he would always be there for her no matter what happens or what people say.

The night of the concert came and he was so nervous, he was so afraid that he would pour his heart out and it wouldn't bring Mitchie back into his arms. In the middle of the show, Shane grabbed his guitar and spoke into the microphone: "Hi everybody, it is time that I get something off my chest. I am hopelessly in love with a young women named Mitchie Torres and someone who was under the wrong impression that she was the better women for me but she was so wrong. Mitchie is my dream girl, she is smart, sweet, spunky, caring, very talented, drop dead gorgeous and quirky cute and she turned me from the self absorbed jerk that you guys have seen over the past two years into a person who actually wants to do great things in life and be nice to my fans, friends and family, overall be a better person. I would love if she would forgive me and come back to me so that our relationship can continue to flourish and grow, cause I love her so much and always will. I dedicate this song to her"

As he sang " No Matter What" he pictured his love's face in his mind in the happier times and couldn't hold back his tears, he had to choke back the tears or he wouldn't be able to continue to sing. The crowd held back the applause as they were aware of the fact that Shane was pouring his heart out and just listened to the song's beautiful lyrics. When Shane was done , they exploded in applause and he just took a small bow and left the stage to collapse in his mom's arms and cry like a little boy, he was praying that his girl would forgive him.

That was why Shane was in his room crying and waiting by the phone waiting for Mitchie to phone him and tell him that she loves him back. The phone ringing woke him up from his stupor.

He dove across the room, almost dropping the receiver in the process. "Shane, I saw the concert, that was the most, sweetest, romantic and touching thing any boy has ever done for me, it was just like the romantic movies I watch. I know in my hear that you weren't the instigator in the whole mess, Bridgette cornered me in the hallway and demanded to know why a hotstar like you could ever be in love with me when she had told you why she would be your future wife, she admitted that she kissed you. I have never been this much in love so I had my fears about why a great guy like you could ever fall in love with me but now i know that we are going to be together for a long time. Can I come over so we can talk?"

Shane screamed "yes" and when they hung up, he ran around his room, throwing everything from clothes, shoes, books into any space that was free to clena it up in a hurry. He ran into the kitchen and gave his mom a kiss on the check and explained that life was once again good, he got his dream women back and that is all he ever wanted. Love hurts sometimes but when it was true love it was wonderful.











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Daddy's Little Girl  
11:07pm 18/08/2009

Title: Daddy's Little Girl

Pairing: Smitchie

Rating: G

Summary: Mr Torres's thoughts about his little girl growing up

Author's Notes: I don't own anybody. I thought of another nickname for Mitchie so I will be using it. Please review. I am dying to know what Demi have and did for her Joey on his birthday and what he is going to do for his girls' birthdays. This is a one-shot only so please don't ask for a sequel.

"Connie, who is that boy and why is he staring into our daughter's eyes like he wants to kiss her? I don't remember Mica ever mentioning a boy in her letters" Steve Torres stage whispered to his wife after witnessing his little girl holding hands and staring deeply into a strange boy's eyes on stage with everyone watching.

When baby Michalyina Demi Torres was put into his arms in her warm pink blanket, smelling like baby powder and feeling like a proclein doll that the slightest movement would break into two. He had held her stiffly at first then had relaxed when she had given a small stretch and wrapped her tiny pinkie finger around his bigger one and held on tight. He knew then and there that this little girl had stolen his heart, that he loved her more then anything and would die for her and Connie. He would be the kind of dad to have tea parties and play dress up with his little angel and not feel embarrassed to admit it.

"Well that young man is Shane Gray. Yes the young man who is on the tv with his immature, and somewhat snobby attitude but during the summer and after meeting Mica, he totally changed. He helps out in the kitchen and doesn't act like he is forced to be there by his uncle. he talks nicely to the other campers, doesn't act like a snob anymore and is helping the campers out with their dancing and singing. I have been noticing a change in our daughter too, she talks to me and tells me that Shane is really nice and is so easy to talk to, they have had deep conversations about how music has affected their lives and have told each other pretty much everything about themselves, even more then we know about our own daughter.

Plus every time she comes back from talking to Shane,she has the biggest smile on her face and can't stop talking about Shane and what they talked about. Kind of like I was when we first met" Connie said in a calm "mom" voice usually reserved for when Mica was freaking out over the girls at her school making jokes and pokes at her expense sending her into tears and comments of her not being worth anything but to her parents or none of the boys at her school, especially the ones where she had a crush on, weren't paying attention to her to comfort her.

" Though I am glad that our girl has found someone who she can have deep conversations with, like I have with you, I have a little hesitant about my baby girl maybe falling so fast and hard with a famous guy who she has only known for a short time and has up to now shown jerky,immature, crude personality that I don't know if I want to be associated with my little girl. But if you say that he has shown improvement over the summer then I trust your judgement as I know that you don't want our daughter to be hurt either and only want what is best." Steve stuttered out as he thought of the idea of the day he had been dreading for a long time, his baby girl maybe finding her Prince Charming, the guy who will eventually sweep her off her feet and take her away from him.

Mica was his girl, no other man who she had met had seen the sweet, caring, lovable, generous, quirky, immensely talented beautiful young women he and his wife had raised and was therefore not worthy of his Mica's love and affections. He hated it every time his little girl had come home with her face streaked with tears and her clothes tattered and torn because some stupid boys had broken her delicate heart and thrown it back at her or the girls at her school were just jealous and therefore teased his baby girl to death.

" Steve, honey I know that Mica is your baby girl and you love her to death but sometimes I swear you still see her as a chubby checked, gap toothed two year old who would hang on your every word and follow you around like a lost puppy but sweetie you have to admit that Mica is a young women who deserves to have a young man show her the affection we know she deserves and will treat her with the respect and devotion we have shown when raising her. Honey she will always be our little girl but she is growing up and we have to accept it."

Steve didn't want to admit it but his wife was right. When he looked at Mica,sometimes he still saw her as the little girl who needed his protection, love and would look at him with absolute love and hero worship in her eyes instead of a young women who had learned to stand on her own two feet, not care what other people said about her to try to bring her down and trying to find her place in the world. But that didn't mean he had to like it. He wanted to keep his girl his little girl forever.

Connie just smiled at him and lead him over to where Mica and Shane were talking in a corner:"Come on hun, let's go meet this young man and you will see that once again I was right about him. But you have to promise that you won't go all "over protective dad" on him and start interrogate him. "

Steve just mocked her and said in a childish whine: "yes mom" while Connie took his hand and lead him over. "Ok so no promises that I won't scare Shane a little, I mean if he is really interested in my daughter then he will have to pass not only my test but Mica's as well. He better be ready to show and tell me how he is worthy of my baby girl's heart".

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The Visit from the Green Eyed Monster  
07:38pm 06/08/2009


Title: The Visit of the Green Eyed Monster

Pairing: Smitchie

Summary: Mitchie comes for a visit to the studio and Shane gets a visit from the green eyed monster

Characters: Mitchie, Shane, Jason and Nate

Author's Note: I don't own anybody. Please review. Sorry if this is totally dumb or boring.


" Ok so not really liking  this feeling of jealousy, I guess i am just too used to having girls throwing themselves on me and showering as much affection as they can so that I will notice them and of course there are my  ex girlfriends who  had always been jealous when I harmlessly flirted with other girls, even if I didn't have any piece of attraction to them and that was one of the many reasons that I had broken up with them, besides them only dating me for the fame, my money and them cheating on me, even after I forgave them cause they said that they were sorry for hurting me. Don't get me wrong but I had liked the girls I dated but none of them made me this jealous seeing them with other men or made me have this amount of emotions of love for them as I  had with Mitchie." Shane thought as he watched his girl interact with his two best friends and bandmates.

He had been overjoyed when Jason and Nate had told him that Mitchie, the girl he hadn't stopped talking about or thinking about since the end of Camp Rock, was coming for a visit. They had been texting like there was no tomorrow everyday for weeks about anything that was happening in their lives, Connect Three's tour and Mitchie's horrible school experiences with girls who were even worse then Tess used to be and who made poor Mitchie's life miserable with their constant teasing, put downs and insults.

" Why on  earth are my  his girl's classmates were treating her so badly?, How did they not know the beautiful inside and out, caring, sweet, quickly cute, shy young women that they went to school with? I absolutely  couldn't stand to see my sweetie sad and know that they only thing I  can do is offer words of  comfort over the phone instead of  just holding  her small body in my arms and soothe her with words of love and comfort that the people at her school were just too stupid to realize what a treasure she was, like I wanted to do so badly everytime she tells me of the stupid and immature pranks those losers did to her that made her doubt herself as a person. She should realize that  she did have friends who thought loved her for her and would always  protect her from those jerks, me, Nate, Jason, Tess, Caitlyn, Peggy and Ella."  Shane lamented in his head as he remembered the last text conversation he and Mitche had before her visit today.

He couldn't wait to see her again, to hold her in his arms, absorb her essence for the times they will be apart and he could lie in bed and remember her visit to keep him warm and happy, and just be with his girl. He had been in the bathroom for about an hour straightening his hair and trying on so many different outfits that Jason had teased him that he was turning into a girl, which had gotten him a pillow in the face. He had also ran around the studio making sure that everyone knew that Mitchie was very shy and to be nice to her, which made him look like a chicken with his head cut off and so not like the cool, collected rockstar he was. Mitchie just made him lose his mind and cool whenever she was around, that was how much in love he was with her. He just wanted her visit to be perfect.

"Hey I wanted to be the first one to hug her and welcome her to the studio which hopefully one day she will come as the recording artist where she will share with the world her heartfelt, original songs sung by her angelic, pure, beautiful voice that reminds him of angelic choirs.  No fair as soon as she got out of the car  she got a bear hug from Jason who had actually picked her up and swung her around, then kissed her check, then passed her onto Nate, who also gave her a warm hug.  Um hello there is a rockstar who would love to have a hug too. When she had noticed me,I hope I wasn't pouting cause then my girl will think i am a baby which wouldn't be a good thing to win her over, she instantly ran into my arms and gave me  the biggest hug her little arms could give.  Wahoo, finally Shane gets his hug from an angel. I  put my head onto hers, enjoying the scent of wildflowers and the feel of her perfect for my arms fitted body in my arms and relishing every moment of this wonderful moment to keep me comfy at night when I am once again without her. and when I felt Mitchie starting to pull away, I  reluctantly let her go, no too soon for that, but not before putting  a soft kiss on her forehead, I wanted to say that I kissed her, though not where I wanted to kiss her but that will be when we are alone.". Shane thought as he gazed lovingly at Mitchie as they started into the studio and Nate and Jason were updating on what Connect 3 was working on.

Nate and Jason had then hooked their arms through hers and lead her inside leaving him behind. As they walked through the hallway, they pointed out the different awards and certificates on the wall from all the musical artists who were not only recorded here but were under the same production as they were. Shane tried to put in his two cents into the conversation so he wouldn't be left out. When they arrived at the music video set, the guy extras had taken one look at his sweet girl and had instantly came over and pushed Jason and Nate away and the leader, Jake, had slung an arm around Mitchie and pulled her off to the side flirting non stop with her and putting his hands all over her back.

Mitchie seemed to be really uncomfortable with all that attention, especially from boys, she had always been the shy one who wouldn't put herself into the path where she would get noticed by others and somewhat liked just being invisible to her classmates as she was afraid to be teased even more if she showed her true self and her wonderful singing ability. She had a pained smile on her face and she would gently try to pry herself away from Jake and his groupies but just ended up being held tighter against Jake's side.

Thank God the director came over and told them that it was time to shoot so they reluctantly let go of Mitchie. She got to sit on the chair next to the director and watch the filming. To up her mood after that unpleasant experience, Jason started to make funny faces and dance silly behind Shane and Nate, which made Mitchie burst into her adorable loud laughter which she then tried to hide under her hands when everybody looked at her. But that didn't stop Jason from doing mime moves which got him a hit from both boys when they found out what their silly band member was doing, even though his silly moves where making their friend and secret crush laugh her head off and smiling her thousand watt smile in her chair.

 "I couldn't concentrate on my scene as I couldn't stop looking over to the chair where Jason and my girl were talking and laughing as Jason was  telling Mitchie a funny story complete with hand gestures, funny voices and faces, probably about birds and about the birdhouse I never did finish for him even though it was a music camp and not one of those artsy ones, which had Mitchie laughing so hard that she was holding her stomach in pain. Aw man I  wanted to be the one to make her laugh and smile like that, though my fans would never know from those stupid girly magazines I  really did have a sense of humour, you kind of had to being around Jason almost 24\7 but I had to keep it hidden to keep up with my serious rockstar image. Even though Jason was one of my best friends and I love him I  was immensely jealous of my friend and his ability to act as silly as he wanted and not have people tell him to stop but actually encourage him with their laughter especially when the one laughing at him was the girl I was in love with". Shane groaned even though he wasn't really angry at Jason for being himself and for his girl to want to be around Jason's goofy self and laugh at his funny stories and antics, Shane would probably be laughing too if he was over there.

His jealousy got worse, when after he was done with his scene after having to stop and redo his scenes over again because he was more focused on his girl and best friend, Jason betted Mitchie that he could beat her to the room where he was filming his scene and when she had gotten a head start after faking out he had chased after her and picked her up and started to tickle her mercilessly and saying that she had to say "sorry for psyching him out" which through her laughter she would decline. Shane wanted to be the one to touch Mitchie's small, fragile body and make her laugh her melodious laughter and thousand watt smile, not anyone else, He hated that he had to be the serious one who got to show his funny side once in awhile and that he was jealous that one of his two best friends had a brother-sister relationship with the girl of his dreams and wasn't afraid to show Mitchie his true feelings towards her and be all goofy with her, no matter what people think.

" Man has fame really changed me that much? I wanted to be that kind of person, the real person that I used to be before the fame got to my head  and made me the jerk that the media wrote stories about my childish temper tantrums and that now that I was reconnecting with my old self again thanks to my  Mitchie, the guy who had a great sense of humour, loved pulling pranks on people, doing silly stuff to make others laugh and showing people that I loved  them and that I  appreciated their friendship and love, instead of making fun of their personalities and hiding my  true feelings under sarcasm and wit. I  was working towards being able to show Mitchie my love and appreciation of what she did to being me  back to my real self and hopefully one day I will be able to. Right now all I  wanted to spend as much time as I could with my girl.

" Ok dude so could you please stop staring daggers at my and Jason's head whenever we are around Mitchie. It is freaking annoying, I know that you are head over heels for the girl but me and Jason only love her as a younger sister and best friend, that's it. We are just trying to show her a good time so that we can spend more time with each other in the future and see you drool and stare like a pathtic puppy whenever you are in the same room as Mitchie.  Plus dude you aren't the only one who likes spending time with her and thinks she is a great person, I mean she must be really special if she stands up to you and makes you change your poopy high and mighty jerky self into the guy I knew and bugged as kids. So please do us and her a favour and confess your undying love already" Nate said as he stood next to Shane watching Jason and Mitchie laughing and joking around. Then he gave Shane a nudge in the direction of the chairs.

"Oh sure it is so easy for you to say. How on earth do I go up to Mitchie and find words to express my undying love, as you so nicely pointed out, and how lucky I was to find a girl who changed me for the better, who wouldn't put up with my attitude and who challenged me to be a better person and who let me find myself again. Did you see those guys at the shoot all over her, she could have any guy she wants why would she want a guy who still trying to find his true self after it being lost all theese years?" Shane let out his true feelings about how really scared he was to show Mitchie  his love for her that had been bottled up for months now.

Nate just patted his shoulder and walked away but Shane could feel what he was trying to say without words. He would never know if Mitchie loved him back just as much and what a meaningful relationship they could have if he didn't  try and if he let the chance of telling Mitchie his true feelings slip by then he will regret it for the rest of his life and will be kicking himself when Mitchie finds a guy who is not afraid to fight for her love. Now all he needs is to take Nate's advice, get a whole lot of courage and  get Mitchie alone.

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Falling into Love  
12:46pm 23/06/2009

Title: Falling into Love

Pairing: Smitchie

Characters: Shane, Mitchie and Nate

Rating: G

Author's Note: I don't own any characters. I dedicate this story to Joe Jonas's Princess and MamaXUnicorn for their insistence of another chapter.

"So dude how did the date go? Was it really that bad?" Nate asked one of his best friends with worry as Shane had been kind of sad looking with a long face and was slowly strumming his guitar since coming home from his time with Mitchie. Shane had been so happy when he found out that Connect Three was going to New Jersey which meant he could hang out with Mitchie, his face had split into a huge smile and he took even longer to get dressed to go see her then it usually does and he spend at least two more hours in the bathroom, taking up all the hot water, strengthening his hair and pouring on the cologne. What could have happened to his dream night to make Shane so sad?

"No it went well, we talked like we haven't been apart for months and we were laughing like it was a normal occurnace. It kind of went downhill for a bit when some "popular" girls made fun of Mitchie and I told them off. I just hope they leave Mitch alone from now or they will have us to deal with. And for the last time, dude, it wasn't a date, it was just friends getting together" Shane said as he strummed his guitar with a small smile as he thought about his night with Mitchie.

"Oh sure it wasn't a date, no not at all. You were just with a girl that you haven't stopped talking about since Camp Rock, heck everytime Jason and I called you, all you could talk about was "Mitchie this". You also couldn't stop staring at her during our Beach Jam and don't get me started on your lovey dovey Final Jam duet. I thought you were going to kiss her right then and there in front of everyone. Dude please just admit that you are head over heels for this girl and go win her over so that we don't have to hear you mope around because you are too stubborn and scared to fight for his girl." Nate thrown up his hands in frustration. Jason, who wasn't too bright, noticed that Shane had been different in a good way since Camp Rock and commented that Shane and Mitchie were making googly eyes at each other at Final Jam and should kiss, So why was Shane being so stubborn about his feelings for Mitchie?

Shane 's mouth openned. Had he really been that dense? His mind was clearing and was reminding him of all the times he had thought of Mitchie during the day while at camp and walked around the camp looking for her, eager to be in her presence again. He had written "Gotta Find You" with Mitchie in his mind and had stayed up all night to finish it so that he could sing it to her the next day as her opinion meant a lot to him. He had tried to be subtle during the rest of camp when around her, he didn't want anyone to think he was being inappropriate with a camper, but he couldn't help touch her at anytime and stand super close to her when they were together.

"Oh my God, I am in love with Mitchie Torres" Nate just have him a "duh" look but Shane didn't notice as he put his guitar down on the couch, grabbed the phone off the table and ran into his room shutting the door. He stared at the phone , going through the conversation of what he was going to say to Mitchie when she answered to get her to see him again so he can tell her his true feelings. When he had gathered his nerve, he took a deep breath and dialled Mitchie's phone number, losing his nerve with every ring. He was about to hang up when he heard the sweetest sound ever.

With lots of stuttering, Shane asked if she could meet him in the park in like ten minutes, he had to talk to her about something really important. When she agreed, he ran around the room, changing his clothes, brushing his hair and teeth at the same time then ran out of the room, then came back into the room for his keys.

When he got to the park after stopping at a curbside vendor for a rose, he sat on the bench in the middle of the park, nervously drumming his fingers on the arm and bouncing his feet going through how he was going to tell Mitchie of his love for her. When he saw her, looking oh so beautiful in black leggings and a long sleeved teal shirt, he got up and gave her a big hug, memorizing every detail of her in case she didn't feel the same way.

They sat down with Mitchie holding the rose and Shane holding her hand. With a deep breath he said: "Mitchie, when I got back to the hotel, I realized something I hadn't realized before that was so obvious to everyone around us. The thing is ever since we first met I haven't been able to get you off my mind. I really wrote "Gotta Find You" for you, not the "girl with the voice" who was you also, because I wanted to impress you with my new style of music and I ran around the camp looking for you so that I could spend some more time with you. You make want to be a better person to the people around me and to stand up to the producers so that Connect Three can sing the songs that come from our hearts not what the fans want."

Through this touching speech, Mitchie had tears in her eyes and her hands over her mouth: no one, let alone a guy, had ever said such sweet, romantic things to her. Shane took one of her hands in his took a deep breath and then continued: "What I am trying to say is that I am totally and completely in love with you".

Mitchie threw herself into his arms and whispered in his ear that she loved him too. They just sat there hugging until Mitchie pulled apart and gently kissed him which he gladly and passionately returned, pouring all the love he had in that kiss. They cuddled on the bench talking and holding hands for about an hour before Mitchie had to go home. With more kiss and hug, she left leaving a popstar on the bench with a big smile on his face and memories of a great day.

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(no subject)  
10:28am 22/06/2009
Maybe I am being too sensitive but the news of Demi dating that guy and Joe confirming that he is dating that women has me kind of down. I am praying that this "arrangement" is only temporary and doesn't last too long. I really do think that Joe and Demi are the perfect couple, they know each other's strengths and weakness and accepts them, plus there is the obvious chemistry between them. So I am praying that by Demi's 18th birthday they will be together or soon after. I have nothing against either people they are dating as I really don't know anything about them, but they aren't right for Demi and Joe and they need to just accept that and move on graciously.

On another note, since no one has been reading my last  couple of chapters for my story "A Chance of a Lifetime" I will no longer be writing them.
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(no subject)  
12:20pm 13/06/2009


Title: My Great Dinner with Fate

Pairing: Smitchie

Rating: PG

Characters: Shane and Mitchie

Summary: After helping in the kitchen Shane gets a nice reward.

Author's Note: Don't own Shane or Mitchie, darn. Can't wait for Camp Rock 2 when they finally kiss. This is a little drabble I thought of. Review please

To an outsider looking in the picture presented before them would be two people on a date, Shane wished that was the situation. Connect Three had been on tour since the end of Camp Rock and had been so excited to find out that New Jersey had been the last stop, that meant he got to see the girl he had been thinking about for months, even when they had been apart for only a few minutes.

Shane didn't know what was happening to him but whenever he and Mitchie were together he felt so happy and so full of life and wanted the moments together to last forever. He was more himself when around her, like he was hanging with Nate and Jason, but they didn't make his heart beat out of his chest whenever they smiled or made him want to listen to their voice forever because it sounded like angels singing.

He thought of her whenever they were apart wondering what she was doing and who she was with. Heck he even got jealous of her mom and Caitlyn cause they got to spend time with her making her laugh her melodious laugh and making that thousand watt smile appear on her face. He went around the camp looking for her so he could bask in her presence.


He had arrived at the Torres' house to find that it was Mr and Mrs Torres' Friday night date and so Mitchie was home alone in these adorable duckie pj pant and t-shirt in the middle of painting her toenails and fingers. After getting over the shock of seeing him, she wasn't expecting to see him at her front door,she invited him in with a lot of stuttering for a visit. He instantly came in, he thought it was so cute that she was so nervous around him when they had hung out before now.

He said that they should get out of the house and enjoy their Friday night so they decided to go out to a local dinner for dinner to catch up. When they got to the dinner it was packed full of teenagers which Mitchie must have known as she was so nervous, tugging on his hand nervously towards a table near the back.

After the waitress took their order,the talk became normal, joking and laughing as Shane told her all about Jason's hilarious and bizarre behaviour lately, which had gotten even more so since leaving Camp Rock. The mood was still a little awkward, with both of them glancing up at each other at times and then looking down while blushing when caught by the other person but over all the mood was comfortable.

That is until a group of giggling, over make up girls came over the their table and totally interrupted their conversation about how Mitchie should come on tour with them since she was so talented and the girls didn't even care that they were getting "excuse me" looks from Shane and a scared look from Mitchie. Shane realized that these must be the girls who teased his friend at school.

"Shane Gray what on earth are you doing here with this loser? I mean I know that you do charity but why give this loser the false hope that you actually like spending time with her when you obviously rather spend time with someone your own standing. How much did her daddy pay you to spend time with Bitchie, I will double it then you can ditch her and hang with us"

Shane was trying really hard not to lose his temper, how dare this snob say those mean things about a really nice, sweet, caring girl like his friend Mitchie. No way is she getting away with this. With a fake smile and reined in temper he said: "Well I don't know what loser you girls are talking about besides the "wannabe cools" I see in front of me but I am actually here to spend time with my friend Mitchie out of my own freewill and I would appreciate it if not only you would go away and leave us alone tonight but leave Mitchie alone for the rest of the school year. If I get a phone call saying you were even the little bit mean to her, I might have to go back to my old self"

When he turned around they stomped their foot and stormed away, Mitchie thanking him profusely for sticking up for her with Shane saying that no one makes fun of his friend and gets away with it. He was 100% sure that if those girls ever bothered her again to call him and they will have to deal with him, Nate, Jason and Ella who will so kick their butts. Mitcie just laughed it off but promised.

They continued their dinner with no more interruptions and soon that unpleasant experience was forgotten. When they arrived back at the house, Shane had to go back to the hotel so with a hug and a promise to call later, he left. His last thought of the night: Man do I wish that was a date.

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